April Showers Bring… May Hail Storms

April Showers Bring… May Hail Storms

It’s May! Welcome to our hail season. Although we are notorious for the random snowfall during this season, hail usually turns out to be the biggest weather challenge in our spring. Fast hail collection in our streets causes car accidents, our newly planted flowers are ruined, and large hail breaks windows, inviting the stormy conditions […]

January is National Get Organized Month!

We are in the last week of January which begs the question, how are those New Year’s Resolutions coming along? Top resolutions include categories like Eating healthier Losing weight Finding a new job Spending more time with family and friends All important resolutions, but also ones we’ve heard time and time again. Did you know […]

Holiday Cleanup

Here at Rainbow International, it seems we’re always ready for the next flooded house, the next water cleanup, the next fire and water restoration call. However the Christmas season always manages to give us a run for our money. I find myself wondering, “If I order this present online 4 days before Christmas, how much […]

Avoid the Home Horror Story

It’s that time of year again where scary stories abound and your kid’s teeth are about to fall out due to candy overload. Around our office though, we don’t hear ghost stories. We hear stories that happened to you. Real stories about clients who woke up in the middle of the night to smoke coming […]

Stains Be GONE!

You know you’re in trouble when a coffee cup falls slow motion onto the carpet. “That’s gonna stain,” is the usual response as we try our best to dab out the dark color with paper towels. You are not alone in the struggle to combat stains! Beer Apply a cool solution of enzyme detergent with […]

Waterproofing your facility

Every year thousands of home and business owners file billions of dollars in insurance claims for water damage. The best defense against costly repair expenditures is waterproofing potential trouble areas. Properly maintaining your building’s structure through regular checks could save thousands in repairs. The savings will carry into other areas. Water damage disrupts daily routines […]

What You Need to Know About Safe Water Cleanup

Whether caused by a ruptured pipe, overflowing bathtub, or flooding from a natural disaster, water damage in your home or business can be overwhelming. Water has the potential to ruin furniture, carpets and wood flooring, electronics, and drywall. When water cleanup is not handled quickly enough, it can create serious health problems for you, your […]

The Importance Of Mold Removal

Mold is an irritating type of fungi that thrives in moist environments. Mold colonies in the home, if left unabated, can become a health hazard. They can also damage upholstery, carpets, curtains, walls, books, and paper documents. Mold can cause allergic reactions in some people including runny nose, bronchial irritation, watery eyes, and asthma attacks. […]

Fires in the Fall- Tips, Tricks, and Treats for Safety

While October is known for fading leaves, first frosts and pumpkin festivals, this month also brings multiple opportunities for a potential fire. As a result, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has designated October as fire safety month. Starting up the heater, sitting by cozy fires and lighting pumpkin spice candles can all contribute to […]

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  • “My home was damaged by 2 hail storms and water began leaking down the walls and settling on the floor. I tried 5 different water mitigation companies and couldn’t even get a call back. My insurance company recommended Rainbow Int. and they had 2 guys out to check out the situation within 2 hours of my initial call. My insurance company recommended Rainbow so they are handing all of the billing directly.”

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  • “We have a ton of visitors scheduled this summer so I let Dave, the site manager, know that they only had a week to get everything done. The crew was first rate and the house is completely dry and ready for construction to begin on time. Instead of just tidying up my home with a shop vac, as many contractors will do, they sent out a professional cleaning team to ensure that everything is perfect.”

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  • “Our vacation home in Conifer suffered major water damage when a pipe fitting failed and water spilled onto the main floor for 5 days before my neighbor noticed it. Hard wood floors ruined on main floor, downstairs carpet and drywall destroyed. Rainbow Int. was very quick to respond and did an outstanding job cleaning up the mess. They were prompt, they were thorough, and they kept me in the loop the whole way, even though I was 1000 miles away in California. If you have water damage and you want it cleaned up quickly, I highly recommend Rainbow Int.”

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