Concerned your Home Has Mold?

Concerned your Home Has Mold?

Denver’s record amounts of rainfall and flooding this summer has caused increased conditions for mold growth. Carole Walker, executive director of the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association, stated that the majority of mold claims in Colorado result from water damage. However, water damage is not the only cause of mold growth in homes. Walker claimed that construction defects, maintenance issues and Colorado’s expansive soils are also to blame for mold growth. So, how is one to know if your home is contaminated?

Medical Symptoms

Perhaps you struggle with daily migraines, a chronic cold or flu like symptoms. The Environmental Protection Agency identifies health risks associated with mold ranging from asthma, sore eyes, sore throat, congestion and itchy skin. If you experience these symptoms and they decrease when you leave the house, have a professional test for mold.

In-House Symptoms

Water Damage

Leaky pipes, leaky roof or a history of moisture problems in the home are key factors contributing to mold growth. Cracks or splits in the ceiling are a sign of a leaky roof. Water stains on the wall will often appear yellowish and if mold is present, will be darker in color. Bulging, soggy or bubbling walls and peeling paint are also signs of interior water intrusion.


Rust inside the home is a sign of moisture. If you see rust on nails or interior pipes, this could be an indication of condensation, a water leak, or high humidity, all of which are conditions for mold growth.

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